A step forward.

The hospitality world is extremely huge and diversified and has constantly evolving technological requests, which change according to different needs and reflect scientific developments and advances in information technology.

We listen to, and in many cases anticipate, the requests of our customers by offering technologically advanced and always one step ahead of the times products and solutions.

Professional devices provisioning

Hotel smart tv

Professional screens, from the best brands on the market, technologically advanced and with specific functions for the Hospitality market. Customizable in graphics and in information and services that can be conveyed to guests. Casting & content sharing solutions to offer guests a stay experience just like home. Dedicated assistance with onsite support.

Monitor, videowall, ledwall, totem

Professional solutions for entertainment, information, way finding and digital dignage, a multimedia communication system for the real-time diffusion of messages in a dynamic, creative and strong visual impact way.

IT equipment (computers, printers, servers)

Professional general consumer electronics products provisioning, namely PC, hardware and software, printers and PC accessories, scans, mobile devices (smartphones – tablets, etc.) and media such as CD, DVD, USB.

Audio/video solutions

We design and manufacture professional audio and video solutions, using the most modern technologies on the market that take into account multiple components such as microphone equipment, speakers, subwoofers, dynamic speakers, separable video walls, so as to ensure perfect listening and viewing quality.

IPTV systems

Based on the best technologies available for the hospitality sector, the Interactive Digital Systems significantly differentiate the guests’ stay experience by using powerful multimedia technologies to convey content and services that meet customer requirements.

Robust and stable infrastructure capable of offering the best communication, marketing and connectivity services, together with IPTV applications with On-Demand content, usable both by Smart TVs (professional – Hospitality series) and by mobile devices, developed on three fundamental principles:

  • Communication
  • Content
  • Commerce 

The key points of HoTy solutions are


Obtainable thanks to stable and scalable platforms, which can be updated with the evolution of technology


Constant control and support of all components of the systems installed operatio

Added value

Differentiation from the competition, thanks to the powerful digital tools made available that allow you to generate revenues for the hotel

Wi-Fi solutions

We design, install and manage Wi-Fi network infrastructures for Internet access in any kind of accommodation facility.

Internet connectivity is today a primary need of guests staying in hotels. Guests expect faster, more efficient and available Wi-Fi everywhere. Having control of one’s own connectivity, distributing the signal in a strategic and optimized way for the spaces involved, is essential to guarantee a robust, reliable and certainly appreciated service by guests.

  • Bandwidth, access and usage management
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Scalability of the proposed solutions

Optical fiber 

Thanks to consolidated partnerships with the most important TLC players, we are able to offer any type of connectivity based on specific needs and the geographic areas concerned.

We develop structured cabling for copper networks in categories 5, 6, 6A and in optical fiber, guaranteeing the greatest installation versatility.

The fiber infrastructures exploit an extremely higher frequency band than that of copper connections and allow the simultaneous use of multiple services such as TV, telephone, data transmission, home automation and security.

Security and video surveillance

Both analog and IP video surveillance and security systems, using the most modern technologies on the market.

Cyber security

Cybersecurity refers to the set of actions aimed at protecting systems, networks and programs from digital attacks, usually aimed at accessing, transforming or destroying sensitive information, as well as extortion of money from users or interruption of normal business processes.

A successful cybersecurity approach has several layers of protection involving computers, networks, programs, or data that you want to keep safe. In a company, people, processes and technology must complement each other to create an effective defense against cyber attacks.

Building automation

Thanks to building automation, a significant increase in the performance and possibilities offered by the various systems present in the accommodation facilities can be obtained, optimizing consumption and allowing the integration of various functions such as control, comfort, safety, energy saving and communication.

  • Access control management
  • Thermoregulation
  • Lighting
  • Automation
  • Remote control and programming

Air purification

Today, the World Health Organization pays more and more attention to the importance of ventilation in closed environments, often poorly ventilated or crowded, to fight against the phenomena of disease from pathogenic elements that accumulate in the air, together with allergens, bacteria, dust and bad smells.

Through air purifiers, or systems that filter the indoor air free it from harmful elements making it healthy and safe, you can mechanically ventilate an enclosed space, thus improving its livability.

While the HEPA filters on the market work like sponges, absorbing pollutants until they become saturated and need to be replaced, the ceramic filter of the Phoebe Technology air purifier does not absorb anything and the pollutants, when they come into contact with the treated ceramic surface, they are broken up and transformed into harmless elements.

Allergens, bacteria, viruses, dust and odors disintegrated by a natural, clean, pure and simple element: light.