Specialized professionals.

Technological innovation, digital transformation and digitalization of processes. We must be aware of the impact that technologies have on the way of working and it is essential to rely on specialized professionals who are able to understand, analyze and develop solutions suitable for every need.

Professional advice

HoTy wants to be the natural partner of hotels for technological innovation and system digitization.

We drive our customers along the path that begins with the definition of their needs and continues with the design and supply of professional services and solutions, guaranteed by continuous assistance, so that the collaboration relationship can last over time.

Training and support

HoTy offers its customers value-added services that strengthen and consolidate the commercial partnership started.

The assistance and technical support service is able to guarantee a timely response to hotel clients and their guests requests.

The continuous and professional training offered for each solution installed to all the personnel involved guarantees an even more efficient and successful use of the products commercialised.

Network management

We define and use the most suitable technologies to configure the best network equipment that can guarantee high efficiency and scalability, with particular attention to data security.

Financial flexibility

HoTy offers its customers payment solutions in line with the different needs of the business and collaborates directly with the reference Vendors to always offer special and targeted quotations.

Direct purchase of goods and services.

Operational rental